Regional Statistics of Metal Injection Molding Industry

Sales partition based on major geographic region.

The global metal injection molding (MIM) industry has witnessed significant growth and diversification over the years, with various regions contributing to its expansion. As part of the statistics report of the MIM industry, in this section we delve into the statistics of the MIM industry by region, focusing on Asia, North America, and Europe in the year 2009.


Asia stands out as the primary hub for MIM, where the industry has experienced remarkable growth. The region has emerged as a key player in MIM manufacturing and consumption. A substantial portion of the world’s MIM components originate from Asian markets.

In Asia, captive MIM is predominantly utilized for the “3Cs” – products related to computers, cellular telephones, and consumer electronics. Manufacturing giants like Foxconn and other assembly houses have been instrumental in driving this growth. The demand for MIM components in the fast-paced technology sector has been a driving force in the region’s MIM industry.

North America

North America has a rich history in MIM, with the USA being one of the largest users and producers of MIM components globally. In 2009, North American MIM sales amounted to $186 million, constituting a significant portion of the global MIM industry valued at $316 million during the same year. Out of this, $32 million represented captive MIM.

Captive MIM applications in North America span a diverse range of industries. Notably, orthodontic brackets and firearms are key sectors that have embraced MIM technology. Additionally, MIM is also gaining ground in the medical field, albeit with challenges in valuation due to distributed and trade costs.


In 2009, Europe exhibited a unique profile in the MIM landscape. Captive MIM applications in Europe were characterized by specialized and high-end products such as watches and decorative components like specialty luggage fasteners. The Swiss watch industry, with approximately $12 billion in watch sales in 2009, made notable use of MIM technology. While not all watches adopted MIM, those that did incorporated MIM components valued in the range of $1 to $8 per watch. The total captive MIM sales in Europe for that year were estimated at $32 million.

In summary, the MIM industry in 2009 displayed a dynamic regional distribution of sales and applications. Asia, with its focus on technology products, led the growth, while North America maintained its position as a significant contributor to both MIM production and usage. Europe, with its emphasis on specialized and high-value items like watches, carved its niche within the global MIM market. These regional statistics underscore the diverse and evolving nature of the metal injection molding industry, reflecting its adaptability to a wide array of applications across the globe.

Key Statistics Summary

RegionSales (Million USD)Growth TrendPrimary Applications
Asia>$316 millionRapid growthComputers, Cell Phones, Consumer Electronics
North America$186 millionStrong presenceOrthodontic Brackets, Firearms, Medical Applications
Europe$32 millionSpecialized applicationsWatches, Decorative Components


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