Like any technology, MIM has limitations. Product weight is limited to a max of approximately 240g (although the weight limit is usually set to no more than 50g in the industry). Problems probably also occur with certain geometric features (such as extremely thin or thick cross-sections). But we will suggest the best design to meet your requirements.

Typical MIM tolerances range from ± 0.3% to 0.5% of dimension, however, tolerances are highly dependent on product geometry. Tolerances beyond the capabilities of the MIM are achieved through post-machining operations. Fangtai New Materials will help you with this analysis and can provide a full range of in-house processing options to provide a product that meets your requirements.

MIM technology typically uses off-the-shelf machines with proprietary enhancements. Fangtai New Materials uses state-of-the-art machinery and the latest controls to maintain exceptional process output. Fangtai New Materials has established strategic relationships with many of its US and European equipment suppliers to customize the machines to our specific requirements.

Yes, MIM parts can be heat treated and plated just like traditional machined, cast or forged products. Fangtai New Materials has in-house heat treatment and electroplating facilities to supply complete components.

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