Metal Injection Molding Materials

MIM Materials Decoded

In the world of Metal Injection Molding, what really matters are the materials themselves. These materials are carefully designed to have special qualities, allowing them to go through the complicated debinding and sintering processes without losing their strength. Our carefully crafted materials show just how remarkable they are, and they’re a lot like the high-quality alloys used in regular manufacturing.

Here at, we truly understand how important materials are when it comes to Metal Injection Molding. We’re constantly striving for excellence, using the power of MIM to bring complex designs to life, especially when traditional ways of making things fall short. Our dedication goes beyond just the steps of the process – it’s all about understanding the science of materials deeply. The outcome is a careful choice and preparation of materials that end up creating parts that push the limits of strength, accuracy, and how well they perform.

Common PIM Materials and Applications

Iron-Based AlloysFe-2Ni, Fe-8Ni 310Structural parts in automobile, machinery and other industries
Stainless Steel316L ,17-4PH, 420, 440CMedical equipment, watch parts
CarbideWC-CoKnives, clocks, watches
CeramicsAl 2O3 , ZrO2 , SiO2Electronics, clocks
Heavy AlloyW-Ni-Fe, W-Ni-Cu, W-CuCommunication, daily necessities
Titanium AlloyTi,Ti-6Al-4VMedical, aviation
Magnetic MaterialFe, Fe50Ni, Fe-SiMagnetic parts
Tool Steel42CrMo4,M2Various tools
Copper AlloyThermally and electrically conductive applications

Properties of Several Typical PIM Materials

g/cm 3
HardnessTensile Strength
Iron-Based Alloys
PIM-4605(Quenching, Tempering)7.648HRC16552
Stainless Steel
PIM – 316L (Sintered)7.8567HB52050
PIM- 17-4PH (Sintered)7.527HRC9006
PIM- 17-4PH (Sintered)7.540HRC11856
PIM – 440C (Sintered)7.565HRB165525
Tungsten Alloy
Fine CeramicsAl2O33.9HRA92Bending strength


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