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In the dynamic landscape of the automotive industry, where innovation and excellence are paramount, the pursuit of cost-effective precision components that deliver uncompromised performance and heightened reliability remains a constant endeavor. This pursuit has led to the integration of cutting-edge manufacturing processes, and one such technology that has emerged as a transformative force is Metal Injection Molding (MIM). As a vanguard in the global automotive parts supply chain, we have established ourselves as a trusted entity, specializing in the production of critical MIM components as well as Lost Wax Casting (Investment Casting) components. Our unwavering commitment to excellence is reflected in our diverse portfolio of automotive elements, encompassing everything from vital vehicle safety features and efficient fuel systems to comprehensive ecosystems, robust powertrains, and refined interior applications. This synergy of innovation and precision places us at the forefront of leveraging MIM technology to reshape the automotive industry, delivering solutions that drive both performance and value.

Precision MIM Automotive Parts

At, we are proud to offer a comprehensive range of metal injection molding services tailored specifically to meet the demanding needs of the automotive industry. With our state-of-the-art facilities and expertise in MIM, we provide efficient and reliable solutions for a variety of automotive applications.

Critical to vehicular safety, MIM has facilitated the fabrication of sensor housings for threat detection, brake and ABS components for optimal braking performance, and seat belt mechanisms for occupant security. These seemingly uncomplicated components play an indispensable role in fortifying safety protocols on the road.

At the core of vehicular functionality lies the fuel system, comprising injectors for precision fuel delivery, armatures regulating fluid dynamics, and protective housings ensuring the integrity of these vital components. This amalgamation of components synergizes to optimize the efficiency and operational fluidity of the vehicle.

The interior ambiance of an automobile significantly influences the driving experience. MIM-crafted seat mechanisms offer customizable comfort adjustments, while meticulously designed cosmetic components add a layer of aesthetic refinement to the vehicle’s interior architecture.

Akin to the orchestra conductor, the powertrain orchestrates the mechanical symphony of a vehicle. MIM’s prowess is vividly evident in the fabrication of turbocharger vanes and components, hydraulic spools governing fluidic precision, and rocker arms that intricately harmonize engine dynamics. These powertrain constituents underpin the vehicle’s propulsive capabilities with finesse and reliability.

In an era dominated by intricate electronics, automotive electrical systems have gained paramount significance. MIM has facilitated the creation of connectors, facilitating seamless inter-component communication, and heat sinks, pivotal in thermal management. These components substantiate the vehicle’s operational efficacy and longevity.

metal injection molding services for automotive

Why Choose Our MIM Services for Automotive

Custom R&D with Rapid Responses

Our product development is personalized by a Materials Science PhD-led R&D team. Expect swift answers within 8 hours, backed by our dedicated customer service professionals.

Cutting-edge Equipment

Our operations boast cutting-edge production equipment, both domestic and international. This includes advanced vacuum degreasing sintering furnaces from the United States and Japan, as well as precision metal powder injection machines from Germany.

Triple Quality Assurance

Our production pipeline incorporates a meticulous triple-tier quality assurance regimen. This involves inspections at every phase: during production, comprehensive quality assessments, and final pre-shipment checks. Our toolkit features magnetic performance measurement devices, universal testing machines, and two-dimensional projectors.

99.5% On-time Delivery

Count on rapid prototyping and deliveries with a remarkable 99.5% on-time delivery rate. You'll receive an instant quote within 12 hours, and our molding process completes within just 2 weeks. Need quick prototypes? Allow us 5 days. For mass production, our lead time is a mere 7 days.


What I admire most about FTmim is their attitude towards details, and they attach great importance to quality. Whether it is my own products or products they produce for other customers, you will see quality control in place, which remains true regardless of your industry.
Mr. Li
Manager, Machine Factory
In the previous cooperation, FTmim has performed well both online and offline. They know our audience very well and provide relevant design and customization services to achieve the product effects we need and efficiently meet our needs. FTmim is a partner worthy of long-term cooperation.
Mr. Liu
Owner, Auto Parts Supplier
FTmim took the initiative to contact our staff and gave us relevant product information. Thanks to their professional technical and service team, they made targeted adjustments to meet our product specifications. We're looking forward to working with them again soon.
Ms. Wang
Director, Medical Device Factory


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